A heart-warming story

So this is an inspirational story that happened in my own country Vietnam that I really wish to share with all of you.
During the rushed hours of lunch time on a normal day, a woman who collects scrapped metals as a livelihood insisted on seeing the owner of the food stall. She told him, crying : " For this tough year (in lunar calendar, it is still 2013), she has always relied on this food stall to save her meager income as much as possible". For your information, this food stall sells each vegetarian meals at 25 cent and the income of the woman is approximately 2 dollars a day. After having said that, the woman brought in a kilogram of rice and a cooking oil bottle as a thank-you gift to the owner. The owner was surprised by this gift and immediately turned it down as it was way too expensive given her little income. However, the woman insisted on giving it, saying that she would feel uneasy if he refused to. Heartened by such kindness, the owner received it and reminded her that next time she should not give such expensive gifts anymore. They both smiled warmly to each other and the story of kindness lingered in the hearts of the people nearby.


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